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BLACK HEAVEN is out today!!!

Hey all! 🎉Happy BLACK HEAVEN release day!🎉 Stoked to say it’s officially out!!! Thanks to all who pre-ordered it from Nuclear Blast or picked one up at the merch booth these last few days. We hope you can dig in and of course it’s meant to be cranked!!!! To celebrate, we're dropping a brand new video for ⚡️Volt Rush⚡️ off our record, directed by our friend BB Bastidas and featuring T Spiff (aka Taylor Smith). Hope you all dig it!

If you haven't snagged your copy of the record yet, no sweat, just grab a copy at your fave local record store or on online. And if you plan on catching us live, our shows are selling out FAST so hit up our SHOWS page ASAP for dates and tickets. Hope to see you out on the road!!!

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