Sweden and Denmark this week!

Oslo was 🔥🔥🔥 last night at Vaterland, thanks to all who came along for the ride! 🚀🛸🚀🛸 TONIGHT: Hus 7 w/ PERSHAGEN in Stockholm TOMORROW (15 Aug): Truckstop Alaska in Gotenburg FRIDAY (16 Aug): Godset with Bite The Bullet in Kolding DK Cheers to Angela Maria Petrovic for this sweet pic!

Special merch available at SonicBlast Moledo this week!

Sonic Blast heads! We know it’s summer but it won’t be hot forever, so to commemorate this amazing festival of high times and vicious sounds we have a made a very special and limited amount of these exclusive colorway “Skull Henge” longsleeves. Blood red colorway & sleeve logos along with a bad ass Sonic Blast Moledo 2019 screen. ONLY available to those who are attending SonicBlast Moledo and in limited quantities. Don’t wait to grab one at the festival’s merch tent!!! We play this Thursday August 8 👍🏼

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